The Good Future Project
The Good Future Project

The Good Future Project

A 75 day research project investigating how women plan for their financial future.


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We're conducting ~20 min online interviews with women 40+ talking about finances.


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About the project

We all want a good future for ourselves, our families and our communities.

Planning that good future has to start with how we're going to pay for what we want and need.

But women are on the back foot. There's a Ā£15 billion gender investment gap in the UKĀ¹, and a 38% gender pension gapĀ².

A wealth gap means a power gap.

To create a good future for everyone, we must close the gender wealth gap.


Our research

Our research project is focused on understanding the problems faced by women when planning their financial futures.

We will use our findings to inform how products and services could be built with women's needs in mind. We're particularly interested in the financial advice gap and will be paying particular attention to women 40+.

Women in their 40s and 50s can expect to live another fifty years; we want to understand how they're planning on paying for their long-term needs.

Read more about why we are doing this research and who is funding it here.


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Our goals

  • We are running a 5 minute survey for people from any gender, age group or location. We want to collect at least 250 responses, and will donate the equivalent of Ā£4 per completed survey to charities that help Afghan women journalists (more detail here).
  • We are conducting short ~20 minute online interviews with UK women over 40. We want to interview at least 40 women, and will show our appreciation for their time by donating to support Afghan women journalists on their behalf. Sign up to take part here.
  • We are running data analysis on posts and comments from relevant online forums, including Mumsnet, Gransnet and Reddit's UK Personal Finance forum.
  • We will write up our findings and present them at an event on Tuesday 9th November. Sign up here.


Project goalsProgress so far%
250+ completed surveys
100% šŸŽ‰
40+ completed interviews
100% šŸŽ‰
Ā£1,760 donated to help Afghan women journalists
100% šŸŽ‰


Did you know?

  • The average woman's pension pot is Ā£25,000, compared to Ā£74,000 for men [Source]
  • By the time a woman is in her early 60s, her average pension pot is a fifth the size of that of a man her age [Source]
  • UK women have saved Ā£51 billion over the last year through COVID, an average of Ā£2,628 per woman [Source]
  • People getting financial advice were Ā£48,000 better off over 10 years than others, adjusted for income [Source]

Talk to us

We want to speak to women aged 40+ based in the UK.

Maybe you've been:

  • Wrestling with a giant to-do list in terms of day-to-day or long term finances.
  • Reviewing your financial plan because of a life shock, or a windfall.
  • Planning your retirement and pension investments, either by yourself or with the help of an advisor.
  • Planning finances post-divorce or separation.

Either way, we want to hear from you. Find out more about how to get involved here.


Help Afghan women

For every interview we will donate Ā£19 ($25) to support Afghan women journalists through the IWMF.


Research launch

We are publishing our research at an event on Tuesday 9th November.

About us


Bailey Kursar

Hi! I'm Bailey. I'm a financial inclusion advocate and a startup founder.

I've spent the last few years thinking about how to build better financial products for people who are underserved. I love doing user research and I can't wait to get stuck into this project so we can learn what the industry can do to close the gender wealth gap.


Billie Bowbrick

Hi! Iā€™m Billie and Iā€™m a politics and philosophy student at the University of Sussex.

Iā€™m a part of this project because I have a special interest in feminist politics, philosophy and economics. I am excited to be part of a user research project and hear women's first-hand experiences of money and finance.


The Good Future Project is a 75 day research project investigating how women plan for their financial future.